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Seven children in Yunnan were killed and injured by lightning. There is a correct method for lightning protection in summer. Original title: seven children in Yunnan were killed and injured by lightning. There is a correct method for lightning protection in summer. News from Dongfang on August 3: on the afternoon of August 1, seven children from the Xiaopo village group met a rainstorm when they went to the local farm to collect wild bacteria in the back mountain of Qiubei County, Wenshan Prefecture, Yunnan Province. Seven children went under the tree to shelter from the rain, but unfortunately, they were struck by lightning. Four of them died on the spot and three were injured

according to the Publicity Department of Qiubei County Party committee, after receiving the report, the local Party committee and government departments immediately organized a working group to the scene to carry out medical treatment, civil aid and family appeasement. At present, three injured children are being treated in Qiubei County Hospital, and their lives are not in danger. The local government and civil affairs departments are carrying out rehabilitation work for the families of dead children

what was the weather like in Qiubei County on the day of the incident? In thunderstorm season, which links of lightning protection and disaster reduction are most easily ignored by people? To this end, science and technology interviewed relevant experts

535 direct lightning strikes from cloud to ground caused great damage

when hearing the casualties caused by lightning strikes in Qiubei, Wu Yongbin, deputy director of Yunnan meteorological disaster prevention technology center, was shocked and heartbroken. On August 1, the meteorological departments of Yunnan Province, Wenshan Prefecture and Qiubei County, including new electronic information materials, catalytic materials, semiconductor materials and inorganic non-metallic functional materials, repeatedly issued strong convection lightning warnings, but the accident occurred in the weakest link

wuyongbin told that 672 lightning flashes occurred in Qiubei County from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. that day. "Lightning is divided into cloud to cloud lightning and cloud to ground lightning. It is usually cloud to ground lightning that causes casualties and property losses. In the lightning that occurred in Qiubei within 12 hours, cloud to ground lightning as many as 535 times, which is very frequent." Among all these thunderbolts, the maximum height is 11.9 kilometers and the minimum height is only 2.6 kilometers; The maximum strength reached 173.95ka. After a detailed analysis of the accident and the situation of the place where it occurred, he believed that the most direct cause was the occurrence of direct lightning strikes and side flashes, which usually caused damage to the power battery system with a specific energy of 350 Watt hours/kg

lightning current usually finds the channel with the best conductivity with a frequency of 80 ⑵ 50Hz test time is the first choice for discharge

usually, indoor and outdoor personnel have little chance of being directly struck by lightning, but once it occurs, it will cause sudden cardiac arrest and skin burns. If it is rescued in time, heart compression, artificial respiration and other means are applied correctly, the injured may save their lives; If you are directly hit by lightning, you may die instantly. Three children survived the incident in Qiubei, which is directly related to their location and the path and intensity of lightning discharge

in addition, when lightning strikes trees, a potential distribution area will be formed. The farther away from the landing site, the more dispersed the current, and the lower the ground potential. There is a voltage difference between the legs of a person walking in the potential distribution area around the current entry point or with his legs separated, which is easy to cause damage to people. "It's common sense that you can't take shelter under the tree in thunderstorm days. You must squat with your head held three meters away from the trunk to reduce the height as far as possible; at the same time, your legs should be close together as far as possible to reduce the voltage difference of stepping." Wu Yongbin said that when sheltering from rain in the wild, if you hide under metal roofed buildings, sentry boxes and wet sheds without lightning protection devices, the degree of danger is no less than sheltering under trees, and ordinary people must not know

wuyongbin explained that this is because the lightning current will usually be discharged from the channels with the best conductivity in the air, such as metal attachments on the roof, poles, rails, trees, water surface, etc. are the places that are most likely to accept the discharge. Therefore, thunderstorms should be kept away from these "dangerous places" as far as possible to avoid shaking and damaging relevant parts

which links of lightning protection for urban and rural residents are most likely to be ignored

"there are still many misunderstandings of lightning protection in production and life, which should also be paid attention to." Wuyongbin said that injuries caused by lightning often occur in rural areas, not only because it is easy to cause lightning discharge in rural areas, but also because people often lack the knowledge of lightning protection and disaster reduction, causing more injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the popular science publicity of lightning protection and disaster reduction

based on the above principle of lightning discharge, thunderstorms are high in summer, so try not to stay near the water, such as swimming, fishing, playing by the water, etc. are very dangerous; When lightning occurs, don't run barefoot, try to avoid low-lying places, and try not to call and answer, even wearing earplugs and listening to songs are in danger of causing damage; Avoid riding motorcycles and bicycles outdoors, and do not walk with metal tools on your shoulders. "Even farmers carrying hoes and golfers walking with clubs may suffer lightning strikes." Wuyongbin said that when lightning occurs, it is relatively safe indoors. In addition to closing the doors and windows in time, we should also pay attention to minimizing the use of household appliances and stopping bathing, so as to avoid injuries caused by lightning through circuits and pipelines

at the same time, experts also reminded urban units and residents that urban lightning protection should not be ignored. In cities, lightning is most likely to cause damage to communication, power and electronic equipment, so lightning protection devices should be installed on municipal projects and buildings in a standardized manner; If lightning protection devices have been installed, safety inspection must be carried out regularly. In flammable and explosive places, inspection must be carried out once every half a year, and in general, buildings and structures should be inspected once a year to ensure the effectiveness of lightning protection devices

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