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Seven dimensional space responded that "Anxin pants were named to contain heavy metal pollution": it meets the relevant standards

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according to China consumer news, recently, Chongqing Consumer Protection Commission released a comparative test report of 15 Anxin pants (referred to as the report). According to the report, the brand "7d space" under Fujian Hengan Group Co., Ltd. (Hengan Group for short) was detected to contain heavy metal arsenic, indicating the existence of heavy metal pollution

public information shows that comfort pants, also known as trouser type sanitary napkins, are a kind of wrapped personal health care products in direct contact with the body

on March 10, a customer service staff of the suggestions and feedback Department of Hengan Group headquarters told pengpai (). After they paid attention to the reports of some media on relevant products on March 5, the company immediately investigated the matter. According to the investigation, the product is strictly controlled from raw materials to the first production link, and has been verified by a third-party authority. The product meets the national mandatory standards and requirements, and consumers can use it at ease

this kind of electromechanical adopts imitation signal control. The aforementioned customer service staff said that the reports of the relevant media are inconsistent with the facts and mislead consumers. "I sincerely apologize for the trouble caused by this incident", the customer service staff said

on the same day, the customer service of the official flagship store of 7D tmall sent a text note to pengpai, which also said that they investigated the matter and found that the report was seriously inconsistent with the facts, misleading consumers to have a wrong understanding and mistakenly believing that the product of the company was unqualified

the foregoing text description shows that no problem was found in the report UE sent by the company to Fujian Fiber Inspection Bureau for testing; In addition, the comparative test report no. zq060245 provided by Chongqing consumers' Association shows that the determination results of cadmium, arsenic and mercury in the report are far lower than the national standard of green standard paper and paper products

the customer service provided an "inspection report" issued by the national paper quality supervision and inspection center. According to the inspection basis gb/t and GB, the center inspected 12 items related to water absorption, pH, formaldehyde content, transportable fluorescent substances, total bacterial colonies, coliforms, pathogenic pyogenic bacteria and other items of the seven dimensional ultra-thin cute pyjama sanitary napkin samples submitted by Hengan Group, and they were all judged to be qualified, Finally, the inspection conclusion is drawn: the inspection results of the tested items of this sample meet the requirements of gb/t and GB. The test report starts and ends from December 18, 2020 to December 28, 2020, and the report is issued on December 29, 2020

pengpai noted that the inspection items in the inspection report did not involve the inspection of heavy metal items

according to a complete biocompatibility test conducted by China consumer, the report on the comparative test of 15 comfort pants was released by Chongqing Consumer Protection Commission. The staff of the unit bought 15 reassuring pants samples of 14 brands as ordinary consumers and took down the old broach, involving "Princess NAIS", "seven dimensional space", "flower king le'er'ya", "gaojiesi", "ABC", "Jieting", etc. The report showed that the test was carried out in terms of health performance, safety performance, functional performance, comfort performance, etc. it was produced in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangsu, Beijing and other places, and the price ranged from 2.87 to 13.32

the overall results of the report mentioned in the report showed that all 15 samples detected back seepage, and consumers had a poor sense of use experience; The phenomenon of "slippery seepage" is detected in 11 models, and most samples will lose powder and hair. Among them, in terms of hygienic performance, all the 15 samples meet the requirements of the standard for ordinary products, but the total number of bacterial colonies detected by "Princess Naisi" and "good night xiaoheisen Xiaobai" is 20cfu/g, and the total number of bacterial colonies detected by "free point" is 80cfu/g The total number of fungal colonies is 20 "cfu/g, which means there is microbial pollution.

it is worth noting that the previous report said that in terms of safety performance, formaldehyde was detected in all 15 samples, but it did not exceed the limited standard value of 75mg/kg. In addition, in the four tests of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic), in addition to" seven degrees of space ", there are" good night xiaoheisen Xiaobai "and" Princess Naisi " Two samples were also detected to contain heavy metal arsenic, indicating the presence of heavy metal pollution

according to an earlier report on the official Weibo of the south, Gu Dan, Secretary General of Chongqing Consumer Protection Commission, said that the heavy metal arsenic came from pulp, leak proof film and other materials in the sample, which may lead to chronic arsenic poisoning. The heavy metal can indirectly reflect that the materials used may contain recycled materials

the report also said that China has not yet issued a national standard for comfort pants products, which has also led to a mixed industry and uneven quality. In view of the many problems existing in Anxin pants, Gu Dan suggested that on the one hand, the detection of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury) in sanitary napkins (pads) products should be increased, on the other hand, the national standards for Anxin pants products should be issued as soon as possible, and the safety and comfort indicators should be stricter than the current relevant standards. Finally, the Chongqing Consumer Protection Commission reminded consumers to adopt the method of "one discrimination, two choices, three looks, four touches and five smells" when purchasing comfort pants

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