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The basic situation of the plastic industry in Zhejiang Province

there are more than 6000 plastic products processing enterprises at or above the township level in the plastic processing industry in Zhejiang Province, including 1630 film processing enterprises; 330 plate, tube and type material processing enterprises; There are more than 600 silk weaving products processing enterprises; There are more than 350 manufacturers of packing cases and hollow containers; Jinan experimental machine for artificial leather, daily-use products and shoes is now home to 700 production enterprises such as the global production experimental machine base; 580 automobile and industrial parts supporting production enterprises; There are tens of thousands of individual and family processing plants. There are about 200000 employees

according to the data of the statistics department, in 2003, the plastic industry in Zhejiang Province, with an output value of more than 5 million yuan, the output of unit statistical products reached 3.2 million tons, and the output of plastic products in the whole society of Zhejiang Province has reached more than 5.65 million tons. It ranks second in China, only second to Guangdong Province

at present, enterprises with an output value of 5million yuan in the whole industry have more than 16500 sets of various processing equipment, and the province (including enterprises with an output value of less than 5million yuan) has reached more than 30000 sets. Among them, there are more than 3000 sets of processing equipment imported from countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including large BOPP, BOPS, BOPET production lines, PVC calendering film, pu/pvc artificial leather, synthetic leather, CPP calendering film, P welcome to inquire! C Extrusion board production line, large hollow molding machine, large injection molding machine, composite flexible packaging production line, color printing machine. There are also large-scale extrusion hard film and film production lines, as well as pipe and profile production lines of phase I project. We produce more than 1000 kinds of plastic products

source: Zhejiang Plastic Industry Association

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