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Servo control system realizes the flexibility of packaging production line

packaging production line has a growing voice for flexibility. What role will servo control system play in the realization of flexibility? Our magazine specially invited Mr. zhongruihua, product manager of Rockwell Automation and information products group, to explain this realization process to readers

in the process of industrialization of the packaging industry, manufacturing technology has achieved large-scale and diversification, and the diversified and even personalized demand has further intensified the market competition. In order to reduce production costs, packaging enterprises have considered establishing flexible production lines to realize flexible manufacturing of enterprises, which is supported by efficient servo control systems

several factors to realize the flexibility of packaging production line

in the development of packaging production line, control and integration products/technology play an increasingly important role

1. In order to achieve the production goal of higher speed and more flexibility, the functions traditionally completed by mechanical components are now more and more realized by servo systems. For example, the electronic cam and electronic gear replace the mechanical cam and gear with two chucks on the installation, and there is no need for high-precision synchronization between multiple shafts without "hard/mechanical" connection. Therefore, the packaging production line not only needs interlocking control, but also needs fast and high-precision servo control. The integrated controller/system that can meet the above functions at the same time will bring more benefits to users in programming, debugging, maintenance and other aspects than the control scheme of independent plc+ independent servo controller

8. Experimental speed of tensile testing machine: according to the requirements of the experimental process in the standard

2. In order to achieve flexible production, it is required that the equipment in each process section of the packaging production line be closely coupled with each other, and that the packaging production line be interconnected with other production lines. Because different controllers control different process sections or production lines, this brings the problem of coordination between different controllers. Therefore, the user organization of the International Packaging Association (omac/pacml) proposed a structured and standardized machine state management function of object encapsulation. Accordingly, the control system integrating this function can ensure that users can realize the coordination of the whole line and even the whole factory production with less time and cost

3. Steel structure engineering inspection includes all specified experimental inspection contents of raw materials, welding materials, weldments, fasteners, welds, bolt ball joints, coatings and other materials and engineering of steel structures and special equipment, so as to realize flexible production. It also means that the real-time data of the control system should be integrated with the two-way communication ability of the relational database of the factory production information management system. That is to say, the production control instructions from the order pool generation and production scheduling management software should be transmitted to the packaging production line control system in time; Moreover, the control system of the packaging production line should send the operation status and production status back to the production information management system in time

4. in order to achieve greater continuous production and less system recovery time, more and more users are also aware of the value and benefits of the packaging production line control system that can support module hot plugging, rapid acquisition of diagnostic information, and centralized maintenance and management

efficient servo control system becomes the first choice

for the fast and highly flexible packaging production line, Rockwell automated kinetix integrated servo control system is becoming the first choice of more and more users. Kinetix is composed of Logix multi-function controller and k6000, ultra or PowerFlex s series servo drive devices connected by international standard SERCOS optical fiber. Kinetix has the following benefits:

1. Logix multi-function controller integrates motion planner, sequence control and process control. This means that users can develop PID, servo and sequence control at the same time in a development environment. They no longer need independent servo controller and PLC like other systems, nor do they need to consider the data exchange and communication between the corresponding processing of PLC and servo controller, which greatly saves time and improves efficiency. The requirements of a single Logix controller on the fixture structure can realize the servo control of 32 axes at most, and multiple Logix controllers can realize the collaborative control of more axes on the same control backplane, or realize the large-scale and distributed collaborative control (254 axes) through synclink or IEC61158 ethernet/ip standard industrial Ethernet

2.logix multi-function controller adopts the data automatic memory management mode based on "object" to control programming "what you see is what you get". It no longer needs to consider memory allocation and management like using PLC. The program is clear and readable, and the corresponding document work is greatly reduced. Similarly, the parameters, status and diagnostic information of servo devices, IO and field devices (local or connected through DeviceNet, ControlNet and ethernet/ip industrial networks) can be directly used by control programming. Moreover, users can access, configure and maintain all devices in the kinetix system through the above network directly or remotely at any point

3. Logix multifunction controller with built-in "phase manager" supports the International Packaging Association user organization (omac/pacml) The object encapsulated structured and standardized machine state management function is proposed. With simple configuration function block, users can not only realize simple and clear single machine management, but also conveniently realize the coordination of different controllers of the whole line

4. Kinetix integrates relevant software, which can not only realize the integration of monitoring, support standard OPC and other real-time standard data interfaces, but also directly realize the fast and stable two-way data transmission with a variety of relational databases such as SQL server, Oracle, etc. or ERP systems such as SAP. For users, there is no need for any software development or programming, but simply graphical configuration

5. The modularized and serialized kinetix can provide "customized" packaging production line solutions with more optimized cost performance according to different control scale and performance requirements. For example, large ControlLogix and medium CompactLogix controllers are available for users to choose from; K6000, ultra or PowerFlex s series servo devices with different voltage levels, different power sizes and different number of expansion modules can be selected by users; Rack type 1756 IO, inorganic rack 1769 compact IO, 1794 flex io/1734 point io of integrated terminal strip and 1738 armorpoint io of IP67 protection grade can be selected by users (IO can be distributed locally through DeviceNet, ControlNet or ethernet/ip)

compatibility between servo control system and traditional system

kinetix has good compatibility with traditional system in the transformation and improvement of packaging OEM and the whole production line. Users can adopt the scheme of direct overall replacement or phased gradual replacement, such as local replacement of PLC controller, local replacement of PLC controller and IO or local replacement of servo control system, etc. Because the ControlLogix rack communication backplane itself is an intelligent communication routing platform, which can insert any number of communication modules (only limited by the number of physical racks) to connect the corresponding industrial networks and equipment. All kinds of communication modules are available, supporting the access of all current mainstream industrial networks and control systems

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