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Set an insurance no dialing number to stay away from sales harassment

are you crazy in the face of overwhelming sales

[definition of insurance marketing] marketing has been widely used in many industries such as communication, insurance, banking, etc. Insurance marketing refers to the introduction and sale of insurance products through the call center of self built or cooperative institutions, calling customers in the name of insurance companies or cooperative institutions, and with the consent of customers. Insurance companies can carry out marketing business in the business areas approved by the CIRC to set up branches by means of unified call out at the location of the center

[negative effects of insurance marketing] as a new insurance sales model, insurance marketing is convenient, fast and efficient, which has played a certain role in improving the coverage of commercial insurance. However, the endless harassment of insurance marketing and the leakage of citizens' personal information caused by various reasons have amplified the negative effect of insurance marketing and had a negative impact on the social recognition of commercial insurance. For ordinary people, more and more insurance marketing makes people unbearable. How to reduce or even eliminate this harassment

(from Hexun reassurance friends, the real screenshot of recent call records)

unremitting auto insurance promotion

[insurance (Hexun reassurance) marketing harassment, there are ways to cure!] It is understood that at present, there are insurance industry associations in Beijing, Shanghai and Yunnan, which have opened a ban for consumers. China's plastic machinery enterprises have increased the function of opening up new markets for extruders in recent years

Hexun reassurance, taking Beijing as an example, offers advice to Beijing citizens on how to shield the marketing of insurance companies through the dial ban platform

in September 2012, the Beijing Insurance Industry Association announced the opening of the Beijing life insurance marketing forbidden number registration platform (hereinafter referred to as the forbidden number registration platform) through the gear pair and clutch driven crank slider mechanism. This is an important measure for the insurance industry in Beijing to deal with the disturbance of electricity sales. Since then, if consumers in Beijing are unwilling to accept insurance sales, they can log in to the no dialing platform through the Beijing Insurance Industry Association station and register their personal numbers to apply for no dialing. If you refuse to accept the marketing of insurance companies in Beijing, you can enter your number and register for dial ban after logging in. Your number will be listed as a prohibited number 7 working days after you have successfully registered for the prohibition. In particular, you should be reminded that the forbidden dialing numbers of life insurance and auto insurance should be set separately. If you want to stay away from insurance promotion completely, don't forget to set them all

[guide to setting forbidden numbers] then, how do we set forbidden numbers? Rest assured to look at the picture and explain the operation steps for you:

① visit the Beijing Insurance Industry Association station

Beijing Insurance Industry Association station

② click I want to register and prohibit dialing

I want to register and prohibit dialing

③ enter the number and verification code, get the verification code for free, fill in the verification code you received, and click login to set personal dialing prohibition on the open page


④ set the dial prohibition of life insurance companies and property insurance companies respectively. By default, the one-time setting can be prohibited for up to 2 years. After expiration, you can set it again. Scroll to the bottom of the page to select all options. Oh ~

Futures: iron ore 1601 contract is set to set the dial prohibition in a narrow range throughout the day

⑤ check the dial prohibition information of the account. 7 days after the setting is completed, your will be far away from the harassment of various insurance companies 400

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