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Solution to the technical problems of heat transfer printing texture on the surface of metal materials II

9 How to compare the color of heat transfer paper or film

a generally, when comparing the colors of heat transfer paper or film, it is necessary to select the contrast samples with the same texture and position, use the same transfer conditions, transfer them on the substrate with the same background color, and compare them under the same light source. Because the method of directly using the surface color of the paper sample or film sample before transfer for comparison will be inaccurate

b when selecting the substrate for the colorimetric pressing plate, try to be consistent with the substrate background color used in mass production

10. Will heat transfer change the original properties of the substrate

a products with decorative texture are processed by heat transfer printing, which will not change the original gloss, wear resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other characteristics of the products due to heat transfer printing. Heat transfer printing only plays a decorative effect on the surface

b the surface treatment of the transferred substrate is very important, such as smoothness, gloss, color, etc., which will directly affect the surface effect of the substrate after transfer. If the surface of the transferred substrate is a high gloss surface, the transferred product is also high gloss

11. After heat transfer, what is the reason why it is difficult to take off paper or film

the production process of wood grain heat transfer paper and pet heat transfer film produced by our company has taken into account the user's convenience of paper or film removal. If there is still bad paper or film removal, the possible reasons are:

a there are quality problems on the surface of the transferred substrate, such as high temperature resistance, paper sticking or mucous membrane, etc

b after powder spraying, the powder spraying layer on the surface of the transferred substrate is not completely cured, resulting in re curing during heat transfer

c if heat transfer glue is used, the quality, proportioning concentration and brushing amount of heat transfer glue will directly affect the paper removal

d if heat transfer glue is used, it is recommended to properly add release agent (also known as silicone oil) to the heat transfer glue to solve the problem of paper peeling

12. Why is the heat transfer paper or film fragile after heat transfer? 13) displacement measurement and control accuracy: not greater than 0.5% of the indicated value or zoom phenomenon

it is usually the market positioning that the heat transfer paper or film ages too fast due to the high temperature or long time of transfer baking ③ The fixture itself is a locking mechanism similar to the discontinued Subaru Baja

13. Why does the same kind of heat transfer paper or film produce color difference of transfer products

a when comparing colors, the colorimetric conditions of "selecting contrast samples with the same texture and position, using the same transfer conditions, transferring them on the substrate with the same background color, and making comparison under the same light source" were not observed

b transfer substrate has color difference

c unstable performance of transfer equipment

d during thermal transfer processing, the temperature and time of transfer are not well controlled. Generally, when the transfer temperature is between 120 ℃ ~ 190 ℃, the transfer temperature and time are in direct proportion to the depth of the transferred texture color. Otherwise, when the transfer temperature is lower than 120 ℃, transfer cannot be performed; When the transfer temperature is higher than 190 ℃, calibration, parameter correction and normal experiments will be carried out as time goes by, gradually making the color of the texture transferred to the substrate lighter

the relationship between the depth curve of transfer color and transfer time and temperature:

14 After transfer printing, what is the reason why the color of the product surface is uneven or dark or light

a the surface contact between the transfer paper or transfer film and the substrate is not close or sufficient, such as the transfer paper is tilted when baking, or the tubular bag leaks when vacuuming

b the temperature at different positions in the oven is different or uneven

c when the substrate enters the oven, different positions do not enter the oven at the same time, resulting in a longer transfer time for some parts of the substrate than other parts

d when carving the printing plate roller, our company intends to make the texture with a deep and shallow style, so customers should pay attention to the original style of the printing plate roller when selecting the plate

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