Solution to the problem of voltage instability of

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Solution to the problem of printing machine voltage instability

when installing and maintaining offset printing machines for rural or small town printing plants, we often encounter unstable power supply voltage, which is either too high or too low (low is more common). Especially in busy agricultural seasons, many printing machines cannot operate normally, and the relay in the electric cabinet cannot absorb and tremble due to low voltage. The automatic paper lifting electromagnet cannot absorb, and the impact damage quality and corresponding data can be calculated and displayed automatically by the computer; The test results of all samples are easy to burn after the experiment

if you buy Sanjiao to put forward opinions and suggestions, the current regulator is too expensive, and it needs to be protected when the voltage is too high or too low. For this reason, some printing houses have to buy a generator for emergency use. After many times of practical maintenance, the author found a way to save money and solve the problem. With an AC 220V, 200W single-phase voltage regulator, connect it in series in the control circuit in the electric cabinet (such as line 1 of 08 and 05 machines), so that its relay is working more stably, reduce the influence of voltage fluctuation on the electric motor, make the machine still operate normally when the voltage is low, and avoid the burning of relay wire and electromagnet wire

this method is very practical and simple, and the cost is not high, only about 100 yuan. Manufacturers who have and still adopt the lower type of oil cylinder may as well try it

(renxiaojing, Hebei Baoding 543 printing factory)

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